Italian Designer Jewellery


Gold is not possible to use it to make jewellery when it is pure because of its softness. The better option is to mix gold with alternative base metals such as Silver Copper, and others to form an alloy. Alloy is strong and malleable. Measurements used to determine the amount of gold in the alloy is known as Karats. In Italy, they use gold alloys with 18 karats and above.

Gold industry is dated back around thirty centuries. Italy has dominated the jewellery industry. It has remained the seller and producer of colour products globally. However, it is currently facing a stiff competitions from nations such as India and china though it has remained in the top position. 

The great art of the Italian goldsmith is astonishing. The Italians cherish and celebrate their way of life and are very determined to pass it to generations after generations.  To ensure that this happens the Italians has set up designer institutions to pass the skills and many gold fairs are being held.

Italians produce quite a number of jewellery products like roman glass earrings. The list is endless.  The gold products ranges from earrings, different types of bracelets and necklaces as well as the religious jewelleries.

Gold bracelets are the most popular jewellery item. It can be worn in many occasions and events matching with different types of attires. People from different lifestyles and walks of life can wear the bracelet comfortably. It can be worn by people of different cultures, gender and age.  

The Italians produce different style of gold bracelets. They usually use the 14-carat gold since it is usually exposed to different weather conditions. It acts as an additive to strengthen the jewellery. Being worn around the wrist, the bracelet is exposed to the body perspiration hence risk being damaged. They come in different colours where the customer can choose from rose gold, white or even yellow gold among others. 

These bracelets are made of pure gold and they are made of different kinds such as chain bracelets. The best bracelet is known as chain bracelets. In addition, regular chain link bracelets, roll links, alligator links, multi-stranded, satin link, ball link, modular disc.

Also, the etched bracelets are also frequently selected by numerous people. These have small plates where individuals can write their names on. Others are gold mesh bracelets, bangle bracelets and gold trim charm bracelets such as from The cost of gold bracelets are rising. The cost of gold bracelets are going up due to the rapid rising in the price of gold.

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